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Avital Keyless remote control programming

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I’ve searched for days on the internet for instructions to reprogram the Avital 2200 remote control transmitter and couldn’t find anything at all. So now that I’ve found the installation manual, I’m posting this info for anyone who needs it as much as I did.

First, you must look for the Valet/Program button for the alarm. This button is usually hidden somewhere in the car by the installer. Once you’ve found it, follow the sequence below when programming this unit:

1. Open a door
2. Turn the ignition to the “on” or “II” position.
3. Press and release the Valet/Program button a number of times necessary to access the desired channel.

1 Press - Arm/Disarm/Panic (lock/unlock button)
2 Presses - Channel 2 (trunk release button)
3 Presses - Channel 3 (star button)
4 Presses - Arm only
5 Presses - Disarm only
6 Presses - Panic only
7 Presses - Auto-learn for 3 button transmitters only (Hit the lock/unlock button on the transmitter when programming this).
8 Presses - Delete all transmitters and revert to default feature settings

Once the correct channel is selected, press and HOLD the valet switch once more. The siren will chirp and the LED will blink the number of times corresponding to the channel you have selected. NOTE: If adding a remote, a button must be taught Channel 1 (arm/disarm/panic) prior to programming other channels.
4. While holding the valet button, press the transmitter button that you wish to assign to that channel. The unit will chirp indicating successful programming. NOTE: You can’t teach a transmitter button to the system more than once.
5. Once the code is learned, the Valet button can be released.
6. Exit code learning by closing the door or turning the ignition off. You will hear one long chirp that indicates that Code Learning had been exited.

Happy Programming!

— Oisze @ 3:54 pm 7/2/2006

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