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Recession Stocks

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Altria - MO
PepsiCo - PEP
Coke - KO
McDonalds - MCD
Yum! Brands - YUM
Proctor & Gamble - PG
Humana - HUM
Baxter - BAX
Wyeth - WYE
Abbott - ABT
Genzyme - GENZ
St Jude Medical - STJ
Eli Lily - LLY
Pfizer - PFE
Merck & Co - MRK

PowerShare Gld Drg China ETF - PGJ

— Oisze @ 1:11 pm 1/18/2008

China Watch List

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Utilities / Telecom

HK & China Gas - 0003
China Mobile - CHL - 0941
PCCW - 0008
China Unicom - 0762


Henderson Land Development - 0012

Transportation / Energy

PetroChina - PTR - 0857
China Shenhua Energy Company - 1088
Sinopec - 0386
MTR Corporation Limited - 0066
China COSCO Holdings Co (Shipping) - 1919 1199 0517


Esprit - 330


Cheung Kong Holdings - 0001
Hang Seng Index - Wikipedia
Constituent stocks o f the HSI


Enhanced Limit Order (ELO) allows matching of up to five price queues at a time. The ask order price of ELO can be inputted at 4 spreads lower than the current bid price or the bid order price can be inputted at 4 spreads higher than the current ask price. Any unfilled quantity of ELO after matching will be stored in the system as a normal limit order at the input order price.

Market Order will be placed at the prevailing market price by default. The executed price may largely deviate from your expectation at the time the order is placed, especially at the beginning of the morning and afternoon trading sessions when there are many accumulated orders to be handled. The executed price will be up to 10 spreads below / above the prevailing bid / ask price respectively at the time of execution. Any unfilled quantity after matching will be cancelled immediately. Customers should be aware that the order may be rejected or unexecuted, but not limited to, when the market price is fluctuated out of the said price spreads (i.e. 10 spreads). The order processing time will depend on the prevailing market situation and the number of orders to be processed. Customer should be aware that the possible delay of order processing and the possible cause of great loss induced by this order type.

You can place Enhanced Limit Orders from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Hong Kong trading days, and place Market Orders during the trading hours only.

Enhanced Limit Order submitted outside the trading hours will be sent to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong after the market opens.

Orders received during the trading day are good until the market closes.

More Info (PDF)

— Oisze @ 8:14 am 1/14/2008

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